Our Cornerstone services focus on providing end to end Change Management at the level of the initiative, delivering change within projects and programs. More tactical in nature, we can provide the change expertise needed to manage the desired change and its impact on users. Important to us is assessing the change magnitude and then engaging the right change activities to support project success and proper transition of the solution into the business for effective use by its People

We offer experience across various change approaches and methodologies, carrying multiple change certifications. Our goal is to work within an existing client approach to change or to bring a change framework to you. Whatever the change need, we possess the skills and tools to manage your change delivery needs from Initiating through Closing on your project. Change activities you can expect:

      •      Change Management Case
      •      Stakeholder Analysis with RACI
      •      Business Risk and Impact Assessment
      •      Communications Planning
      •      Learning Planning
      •      Stakeholder Realization Planning
      •      Change Management Planning
      •      Business Readiness Planning


Our Keystone offering delivers full lifecycle Organizational Change Management (OCM) skills for those groups needing strategic change management beyond the particular initiative and at the level of the organization. In order to consider the full organization and what needs to change, we provide a framework for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise, including our Capstone change activities.

Our framework is designed to integrate the strategic, social and technical aspects of “big change” and prepare organizations to adopt and implement fundamental, cross-functional and radical organizational changes. We include, as part of the organizational change approach, culture, policies, procedures, the physical environment as well as employee roles and responsibilities. In this way, we build change capability in the organization with change processes consistently and effectively applied to all organizational initiatives for group success. We discover that, with a solid organizational change framework, people embrace change more quickly as the organization becomes more responsive to internal and external factors that affect it. Technology is more quickly adopted while systems better enable the organization to deliver – and sustain – its change. Ultimately, organizations can acquire navigation or the ability to manage change over the long term and continuously improve over changing contexts, inside and outside the organization.

This framework considers the following as key components of successful organizational change:

      •      Organizational Strategy
      •      Organizational Structure
      •      Organizational Values
      •      Benefits Realization
      •      People Planning
      •      Process Design
      •      Systems Integration & Implementation
      •      Organizational Navigation & Change Sustainment


Our Capstone service enables organizations to deliver on its key operational and strategic objectives through Business Transformation. At Connexus, business transformation is about creating and supporting organizational shift: the ability of an organization to consistently deliver on its most important operational and strategic efforts and deliver corporate results. Simply, we describe good transformation as “Right Work, Right People, Right Results”.

Our business transformation model includes both a Transformation Framework and a Transformation Network wherein organizational strategy is delivered through various practices, pillars, and partners throughout the organization through a lifecycle of activities, from engagement to transformation and through to optimization.

Where strategy is understood, a portfolio of work can be created to support those objectives at the level of corporate results. This work can be measured against benefits that, when tactically realized through the projects and programs important for an organization to execute, connect to desired organizational outcomes.

A feedback loop is created to allow decisions, communication, and collaboration to move top to bottom in the organization – and bottom to top. Specific organizational roles and skills are accessed to enable the framework to function and deliver on the portfolio of effort that will essentially move – or transform – the organization from its current state and toward its desired state.

Critical components Business Transformation:


      •      Organizational Strategy
      •      Corporate Results (Dashboard & Scorecard)
      •      Strategic Communications
      •      Portfolio Management
      •      Risk Management
      •      Value Management
      •      Investment Management
      •      Organizational Change Management
      •      Business Process Management
      •      Learning
      •      Performance Management


      •      Organizational Design
      •      Organizational Capacity Planning
      •      Leadership & Sponsorship Development
      •      Governance